Naturkraft is an experience park near Ringkøbing, where you can get up close to the nature of Western Jutland and the forces that have shaped the landscape over thousands of years and the people who live there. Leading up to the opening of the park in 2020, a strategic communication initiative focused on the opening and Naturkraft’s identity as a catalyst for the green transition.

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Naturkraft is a new experience arena for all of Denmark and a key catalyst for the green transition. A nature arena for experiences, learning and a fascination for nature. With the localized resources in Western Jutland, Naturkraft is a unique centre with both local and global impact. It must function as a signature presence for the government’s ambitious climate goals.


Naturkraft had a strategic PR and communication initiative developed, which marks the shared focus for the park, and prioritizes the park’s distinctive features for the local and national climate narrative. Among other things, the solution consisted of a basic narrative that was activated in a number of different initiatives and via existing channels.


The execution of the initiative helped to increase awareness of the park up to – and during – the opening in 2020, and contributed to positioning Naturkraft as a catalyst for the green transition, both locally and nationally.


Naturkraft is run by the Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum. Naturkraft is owned by Fonden Naturkraft, and the foundation’s purpose is to inspire more sustainable behaviour by putting knowledge about nature, the climate and sustainability into play, so that guests can gain new knowledge through their visit to the experience park.

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