We strategically collaborate with the company’s own team, financial advisors, and consultants from auditing and management firms to create the right narratives for the appropriate audience, delivered through the right channels. Financial communication and Investor Relations (IR) involve understanding the relevant target groups and international geographies. Regulatory requirements, exchange obligations, ESG considerations, customer and investor expectations demand transparent, timely, and audience-oriented communication. Sensitive financial processes require a high level of confidentiality and risk awareness. Several companies have faced challenges because a strong market position with clear messages and values suddenly creates issues in other contexts.

Substantia contributes to ensuring consistency, a clear strategy based on distinct choices for communication, ensuring its sustainability throughout the process, while respecting both the proactive messages required and the key risks that need to be addressed.

Whether your company is publicly listed or privately held, at Substantia, we have experience with relevant cases – from supporting and developing pertinent financial communication, which we are happy to discuss in a non-binding meeting with our clients’ permission.