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With a new strategic communication plan, ATP Ejendomme’s position and role as a group has been clarified.

In short


ATP Ejendomme owns and operates a large number of properties, mainly in the major cities in Denmark, but also abroad. However, it requires more than bricks and location to house some of the most visionary companies in the country – including good management and communication. The current conditions on the property market meant that ATP Ejendomme had an increased need to be clear about their position and role.


ATP Ejendomme has developed a communication plan that focuses particularly on strengthening the unit’s communication as part of an overall group. The plan has been developed in close collaboration with ATP/ATP Ejendomme’s steering group.


The communication plan ensured that ATP Ejendomme strengthened the unit’s communication as a whole group, and also focused on the group’s position, main messages and role. This meant that ATP Ejendomme maintained a positive reputation in regard to stakeholders and the outside world, which is based on, for example, professionalism, accessibility, orderliness and humility.


ATP Ejendomme owns, operates and develops some of the most beautiful properties in Denmark. The group’s vision for sustainable properties is to contribute actively to creating a CO2-neutral society and work purposefully for the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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