Through a strategic PR initiative, Bain fulfilled the desire to make a clear mark with a Nordic reach.

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In April 2020, Bain & Company and Danish QVARTZ formally merged under one name. With the combined Bain Nordics, the desire to position and make a clear mark with a Nordic reach also came into play. Understanding the Nordic model and way of thinking was, from the start, part of QVARTZ’s great strengths and therefore quite likely to carry over to Bain Nordics as well.


The solution consisted of a strategic and proactive PR initiative, which focused particularly on positioning Bain as a company with a broad Nordic reach. More than 60 percent of all Global Fortune 500 companies have collaborated with Bain – so a natural goal for the PR initiative was to position Bain’s services and products as innovative and industry-leading. With a company like Bain, which produces professional and extensive content globally, at Substantia we are happy to have been a part of the journey.


The strategic PR initiative helped to communicate Bain’s services and products as innovative and industry-leading. Furthermore, the initiative helped to tell the story of the company during the merger.


Bain & Company is a global consulting firm that offers high-end advisory services to multinational, local and fast-growing scale-ups around the world. Across 64 offices in 39 countries, Bain works with its clients with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results and redefine industries. Bain’s 10-year commitment to invest more than $1 billion in pro bono services helps bring expertise and insight to organisations that are tackling today’s pressing challenges within education, social justice and the environment, among others.

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