With an ESG report and ongoing communications advice, BoStad has focused on its identity and its role on the green agenda.

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On a growth journey about identity, ambition and generational change, BoStad has wanted a strategy that would set the direction for the housing company’s vision to create a good framework for life. A life where cities, properties and buildings must not only be ‘operated’, but instead be future-proofed in terms of cultural heritage, quality of life and, not least, climate and environment.


Substantia has advised BoStad on its growth journey, provided media management and assisted with a strategy based on the housing company’s vision of creating a good framework for life. BoStad has also developed an ESG report “BoStad in Denmark” with a view to positioning the housing company on their green agenda and with the significant measures that BoStad is committed to.


In November 2021, BoStad presented its best financial statements to date, and in December 2021, BoStad, owned by the American capital fund Castlelake, was sold to AP Pension in a large billion-dollar deal.


With respect for the history of the physical framework and regard for people’s quality of life, the environment and sustainability, BoStad uses its investments to contribute to an increased high-quality housing stock. The company owns more than 1,750 rental properties in major cities across Denmark.

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