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With a new communication strategy, DLR Kredit raised and distinguished itself as a significant player in the financing of the sustainable transition.

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DLR wanted to take on a significant role in the financing of a more sustainable world – as one of Denmark’s largest lenders to agriculture and an important player in the financing of residential rental and commercial properties.


With a new communication strategy that applies until 2023, DLR Kredit’s loan type “Green RT-Kort” is positioned to ensure a strategic foundation and coherence between vision, business-critical goals, communication goals, target groups and specific activities.


The initiative raised and demonstrated DLR Kredit as a significant player in the financing of the transition towards a more sustainable society, with a focus on the transition of the agricultural sector and energy efficiency in urban commercial properties.


DLR Kredit finances agricultural and commercial properties in collaboration with a large number of financial institutions covering the whole of Denmark. The entire mortgage sector constitutes a significant cornerstone in the financing of Denmark’s transition towards a more climate-friendly and sustainable society. Therefore, DLR offers green financing on attractive terms to agricultural and business customers who want to help accelerate the green transition and seize the many opportunities in the sustainable agenda. DLR’s green mortgage loans are issued based on the EU’s criteria for sustainability and, initially, the loans are targeted at climate investments, e.g. improvements in the agricultural sector that reduce the climate footprint by at least 30 percent.

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