Since its foundation in 1947, Holbøll has been on a long journey. With a new basic narrative, the course is set for the future – with respect for and a tribute to the past.

In short

Since its foundation in 1945, Holbøll has been on a long journey. In terms of both time and management. Today, three Holbøll generations later and several hundred employees richer, the company celebrates that they have had a shovel in the ground for 75 years. Such an anniversary provides an opportunity to pay tribute to the past, but also to rethink the future.

Holbøll has developed a basic narrative that is based on years of family memories, good relationships and a goal of down-to-earth growth in the future, together. The basic narrative was presented to and distributed to employees, customers and business partners for Holbøll’s 75th anniversary.

The basic narrative secured a strong position and competitive advantage for Holbøll in a market where it is crucial to be remembered as someone – and not just something. It creates focus internally as well as externally, ties history and future together and ensures power and direction in the next chapter, which offers down-to-earth growth.


It started in 1947, when founder Carl Holbøll suddenly had a good idea. With simple tools, he created a company that today not only uses large machines for complex tasks, but is also among Denmark’s largest contracting companies with construction tasks within soil, concrete, sewers, paving and foundations. Holbøll has 220 employees in its own production, of which 30 skilled professionals are employed by Holbøll’s subsidiary, Entreprenør Søren Kristiansen A/S. For Holbøll, it’s all about being down to earth. Both in relationships, in simplicity and in entrepreneurship.

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