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With a new core narrative and communication strategy, a sharp focus has been placed on Innovation Fund Denmark’s important role as a link and accelerator for innovation in society.

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Innovation Fund Denmark creates a good framework for the country’s entrepreneurs, researchers and companies, so that they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society’s concrete challenges. This also means that internally and externally they must act as role models and be frontrunners when it comes to innovation – and on top of the recent years’ changes in the Fund’s surroundings, this has placed new demands on strategy and communication.


Innovation Fund Denmark has developed a communication strategy and core narrative that focuses on Innovation Fund Denmark’s crucial role as a link. A role that not only accelerates innovation, but connects those who find the solutions of the future.


The initiative ensured internal efficiency, ownership and a shared focus on the Fund’s further journey, where innovation is the driving force behind Danish society’s competitiveness and sustainability.


Innovation Fund Denmark was set up to promote strategic research and innovation projects throughout Denmark. The Fund actively invests in ideas, knowledge and technology and catalyses collaboration between researchers, entrepreneurs and companies with the aim of creating value and jobs.

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