Middelfart Municipality

Through a new visioning process, the administration and the town council have once again come together to take a joint look at the future with a vision that will act as a benchmark for the good collaboration in the municipality in the coming years.

In short


“Bridges Begin Here” has been Middelfart Municipality’s vision from 2017-2021, and has in many ways worked as a well-functioning framework for the town council’s work. In the town council, they are convinced that collaboration with a clear and common vision is fertile ground for a good municipality in which to be a citizen. Middelfart Municipality wanted a visioning process for the newly elected town council based on the existing vision, which in many ways has been a well-functioning framework for the town council’s work.


The solution consisted of a visioning process, facilitated in close collaboration with both the administration and the town council in Middelfart Municipality. The visioning process had three overall goals; (1) to ensure a continued high and focused level of ambition in the work of the town council, (2) to ensure fundamental involvement across parties in the themes that are in the interest of the municipality, and (3) to ensure a common understanding of the roles and forms of collaboration that are linked to the work of the town council, and which also commits the administrative management of the work in the years to come.


The new vision is based on a strong ‘we’, where all parties meet as equals and where it is about playing to each other’s strengths. Welfare, good experiences and the green transition are things that Middelfart Municipality creates together. The vision represents a picture of the desired future: Within sight, but beyond immediate range. It contains direction, positions of strength, bridge pillars and a plan for realization.


Middelfart Municipality is Denmark’s green growth municipality in Region of Southern Denmark and has around 38,000 inhabitants. Middelfart Municipality is located in the Funen part of the Triangle Region of Denmark, and is a place that offers an abundance of job opportunities and beautiful nature right outside the door.

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