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The Skive region’s shared narrative RENT LIV (Clean Living) has acted as a benchmark for the region’s development for decades. With a revitalization of the narrative, greater local ownership was created and a clarification of the narrative’s most important points.

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In the Skive region, there are special conditions for green and joint action, where innovation, development and results translate into ownership and relationships that influence both behaviour and activities. Since 2011, Skive Municipality has worked with RENT LIV (Clean Living) as a brand for the region. It has been decided that the brand should be revitalized during 2019 – not as a new branding strategy, but as a clarification and activation of what works, and with greater local ownership.


The solution consisted of a revitalization and implementation of the place brand, RENT LIV, which builds naturally on Skive’s identity; the region’s cultural and lifestyle characteristics, the business priorities, etc. The driving force is the proximity, the inclusive communities and the special entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes the region. Together, Skive develops a region in balance – in terms of the environment, mental health and people. The place brand is activated in a continuous and coherent movement in three dimensions: ‘what we are’, ‘what we do’ and ‘what we say’.


After input from citizens, associations, businesses, etc. RENT LIV was defined as ‘green action in communities for a region in balance’. The Skive region gained a stronger narrative, which the citizens had to relate to and absorb. That narrative is still quite new, and many of the citizens of the area have now found out what the place brand stands for. A large proportion of the municipality’s citizens believe that the narrative suits the Skive region.


Skive is an old market town and the municipality, located in Central Denmark Region, has 45,425 inhabitants. With a scenic location right by the Limfjord. In the hilly Nordfjends, on the lush Salling peninsula and the island Fur, there are many smaller towns and villages, all of which are characterized by an active community. No matter where you are, there will never be more than 12 km to the nearest coast.

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