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With a basic narrative that points forward, the foundation stone has now been laid for the company’s future internal strategies, external campaigns and marketing.

In short


KANT Arkitekter became part of Sweco in March 2020 as a fully integrated part of the Danish firm of architects, which now has more than 300 employees. Sweco’s architecture business is today strong on the market within both public and private construction. In an increasingly competitive market, the merger required a clear overall internal identity and clear messages for customers, stakeholders and employees.


Among other things, the solution consisted of a storybook, the purpose of which is to build a formalised structure for how basic stories are identified and communicated. The goals are to maximize the effect of each communication initiative and set a broader, strategically based agenda.


SWECO’s Storybook is based on the idea of strategic Agenda Setting via basic stories. This means broadly communicable stories anchored in a basic narrative and communication strategy. With this, SWECO can work in a targeted manner with agenda setting in relation to relevant players and stakeholders across arenas.


Sweco is Europe’s leading design and engineering company. The company’s consultancy services range widely – from large water and energy projects to efficient and environmentally sound transport solutions as well as the development of cities and green areas.

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