With a new unified strategy product, a narrative across key stakeholders has been developed, which will help bring employees, customers and stakeholders together.

In short


Sydbank’s Basic Narrative – Bare Bank (Just a Bank) – is the bank’s linguistic core. The narrative that brings together employees, customers and stakeholders because it gives meaning and thus cohesion for the entire company. It is internally anchored, it guides the activities – and it is the starting point for all external communication. Sydbank’s communication plan has been developed in 2020 – in a situation where the basic narrative is set, where the bank stands strong as Denmark’s Merchant Bank, the bank for the backbone of the Danish business community.


The solution consisted of a strategy plan where, in a joint process, the board, the executive board and a combined management group of +25 managers identified the most important themes of the strategy, established a binding ownership of the bank’s direction and achieved a common understanding of the strategic leeway.


The overall outcome of the project was a comprehensive strategy product that Sydbank’s management can continue to work with, partly the facilitation of a coherent process that creates ownership and direction. The basic narrative clearly addresses Sydbank’s position in relation to the many changes the sector is affected by from customers, authorities and politicians. For Sydbank, the position is clear – and the communication task defined.


Sydbank is the bank for the backbone of the Danish business community and private customers who value professional advice in Denmark and Northern Germany. With 2,100 committed employees organised in 13 areas, Sydbank is big enough to be skilled and small enough to be attentive.

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