The Danish Cancer Society

Through a campaign and information initiative, increased clarity was created about the HPV vaccine, with the aim of ensuring high vaccination adherence among all social groups.

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The Danish Cancer Society works to fight cancer through research and prevention. The organisation saw a need to strengthen and create clarity around the most important messages about the HPV vaccine in a media image where it becomes noticeably more difficult to keep the viewer’s attention.


In a close partnership between the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Health Authority and Lægeforeningen (Medical Practitioners’ Association), Substantia ran a joint and targeted campaign and information initiative: “Stop HPV – get vaccinated”. Among other things, the initiative consisted of the podcast ‘Sidste Stik’, where selected well-known profiles together shed light on current angles and themes. There was also a nationwide PR initiative with the aim of ensuring high vaccination adherence among all social groups.


The campaign put a spotlight on the main issue and, by the end of 2021, the information initiative had achieved a 90% acceptance among the target group. The initiative created broad coverage and nationwide publicity and mobilised public opinion.


The Danish Cancer Society is Denmark’s largest disease-combating organisation and patient association, which works to fight cancer through research, prevention, support and advice for patients and relatives.

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