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With a new brand platform, the True North group has been bound together under one common brand, and clear communication principles have been created for the many independent units.

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Since 2007, True North has developed research-based educational programmes and offers aimed at teachers, parents and young people. True North found itself in a situation where the organisation’s various units/companies needed to create a clear communication that partly defines the value of each individual unit and partly binds the ‘group’ together as a brand.


True North has developed the organisation’s new brand foundation which, with concrete instructions and options for action, describes the community that True North stands for, with principled guidelines, values and tools.


The initiative has strengthened the various units under one main brand with shared values, workflows and competencies and freed up space so that True North can focus on what they are passionate about in the future – developing and delivering more world-class education programmes.


True North was founded in 2006 by Nicolai Moltke-Leth in the hope of improving the quality of life of young people. Since then, True North has worked to develop and deliver world-class training programmes for young people – with a focus on personal leadership and social skills – and for some of the largest Danish companies, foundations and public organisations. Their programmes consist of camps for young people, an after-school programme and various projects with companies and public organisations. 35,000+ young people from 30+ countries have completed one or more True North courses.

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