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All strategies require a cultural, organisational anchoring in order to succeed. With a cultural map, common ground has been created for how organisational anchoring can succeed.

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All strategies require a cultural, organisational anchoring in order to succeed. In 2018-19, University College Copenhagen completed a merger and the new strategy ‘United for excellent teaching’. The strategy is supported by a number of cultural dimensions that ensure anchoring of the strategy. These cultural dimensions are identified through a series of workshops, where the strategy is ‘translated’ into concrete organisational culture.


University College Copenhagen has received advice over a longer period in an overall project containing three phases: An study of University College Copenhagen’s cultural DNA, a concrete ’employee journey’, where the strategy has to be experienced, understood and remembered by employees and managers, as well as the production of a number of action-oriented formats that can be used going forward and directly in University College Copenhagen’s everyday life.


The result consisted of a linguistic and visual ‘map’ which outlines the cultural landscape in the organisation and which, on a daily basis, the managers can use and reflect on.


With more than 20,000 students, University College Copenhagen is one of the largest higher education institutions in Denmark. University College Copenhagen has its basis in the Capital Region and is one of six university colleges in Denmark.

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