The relevant brand platform is built on a precise understanding of the company’s identity and values, its position and value creation in the market, as well as the strategic goals that shape its direction and drive its work.

The content of the brand platform can include:

  • Mission / Vision: The role the company should play in the industry and society, and the goals and priorities expressed in the company’s strategic plan.
  • Purpose: The long-term and ‘higher purpose’ for the company’s work.
  • Brand Promise & Tagline: Statements in a few simple sentences about the value proposition that the company represents.
  • Brand Pyramid: A description of the beliefs, ideas, benefits, and attributes that drive the company and its employees’ behavior.
  • Narrative, messaging, and universe: The wording that drives all content – tone, key stories, etc.
  • Brand Voice: Tone of voice, glossary, key words, and concepts.