EWII has allocated one billion DKK for a large fiber deployment project in Vejle. With a focus on internal and external communication, the various stakeholders have been able to build stronger relationships.

In short

EWII Fibernet has allocated over a billion DKK for several major fiber deployment projects in the Triangle Region, including Vejle and Kolding. A success criterion for the projects is that the project stakeholders feel well-informed and engaged throughout the project’s duration, thereby minimizing criticism and negative publicity. Substantia manages the process, devises the communication strategy, advises on internal and external communication, and assists in building stronger relationships and alliances.

The approach to the work was to ensure a good, inclusive process with EWII’s own project team, which had never worked on communication in this way before. Initially, there was a focus on comprehensive mapping of all stakeholders and a targeted action plan for each of them. This was followed by a focus on developing a communication strategy, messaging platform, involving workshops, and more. Ongoing guidance occurs on a weekly basis and includes process optimization, stakeholder management, and activities related to alliance building and PR.

Both projects are ongoing. The effort has received positive feedback from the affected stakeholders, and the projects have only received positive publicity. EWII has strengthened its organization in terms of project management and communication. The methods are being carried forward to other projects.


EWII’s headquarters are located in the Triangle Region, from where the organization provides electricity, water, district heating, and fiber services. In addition, EWII sells electricity, broadband, heat pumps, and charging stations, and also operates the electricity supply on Bornholm. EWII is one of the largest private employers in the Triangle Region with over 600 employees who work every day to ensure high quality in both consulting, service, and products.

Link to website: ewii.dk

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